Sunday, 19 June 2011

Time to say Hej då

Well after weeks of saying goodbye to people it is mine turn to say farewell to the city of Jönköping.
I have had an amazing year out here. Looking back it has gone so fast, from my first night scared sh**less in the hostel in Huskvarna and then meeting Christian that night, to kick off week and then from then on. I will miss so much from Sweden, and weirdly I imagine a bit of a culture shock when I return home to the UK, for example, I am now used to cars driving on the right hand side of the road, for me it’s not look left, right, left again it’s the opposite, right, left and right again. It’s going to be weird seeing alcohol being sold in the supermarkets after a year of having to go to systembolaget. The culture shock will probably be at its worst in the winter when everyone starts complaining about the ‘snow’. Livingin Sweden you learn that there are different types of snow, none of which stop flights, roads, schools etc. I will miss the beautiful scenery in winter of the lake being frozen over with snow all over, it’s a beautiful winter wonderland. I even stayed in the gym longer because it has a view of the frozen lake whilst you are on the cross trainer or treadmill. Perferct. You would think the temperature would be something I would be happy to see the back off, well you would be wrong, I quite enjoyed walking to uni in the snow in -12C temperatures, it’s refreshing & so much better than sweating in the sun or getting wet in the rain. After a certain point your body doesn’t care how cold it is, it doesn’t recognise the variation in the temperatures, However I do have my Auntie to thank for leaning me (not borrowing me!!!!) her ski jacket from her days in the Alps. It was the best coat I have ever partially owned. (Not don’t assume winter coats will be cheap out here because it is Sweden, expect to pay around £150 for a basic winter coat, so get on ebay before you go). Another thing, I suppose you could say I have developed a coffee culture, thanks to the Swedish fika and the Italians. Before coming to Sweden I prob had one or 2 cups of coffee a day, that has probably trebled, however I will probably bring the number down when I get home, however coffee isn’t coffee unless it’s strong stuff. Of course I will miss all the friends I have had over this past year, no matter how long I knew you, the full year or a few months I thank you for making this experience absolutely incredible. I have developed a soft spot for a fair few of you (& I imagine you know who you are ;-) I hope to stay in touch with you in particular) I do look forward to visiting you all in your home nations, however It prob wont be for a while, sorry but I aint rich lol. If you haven’t already you should add me on Skype (Address on my facebook page) I have learnt so much from you all, and I shall cherish the moments we shared. Now this is starting to sound soppy.
Highlights of the year, start with kick off week, absolutely incredible , the students really did take over the city. A big heavy week, it is great that you are looked after by Swedish students, if this hadn’t happened I imagine it would have been harder to make so many Swedish friends. (Apparently Swedes will be friends for life )
Well I am now on the bus to Göteborg so my time in Sweden is not yet over, I have 2 nights here.

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